Today Mr. Setti Warren announced he is dropping the race for the Governor of Massachusetts citing inability to draw a financial support. After pondering his step I also made my mind to stop my run for the office. I knew my chances were low, and I have not found any support, so I have to look the truth in the eyes and accept the defeat.

So, from now on, everything on this page is a just a history.

On March 7th, 2018, I, Valentin Voroshilov, registered as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts’s 8th District.

Easy part is done! Now I need to collect 2000 signatures supporters and volunteers are welcome! (please, scroll done for the contacts)

Why did I decide to do it? Why Do I Run?

The shortest answer is this:

1. There are many individuals in the current political Democratic establishment which must be removed, forced out (!) from politics after their failure in strategic planning, management, execution of the 2016 Presidential Election.

2. Mr. Stephen Lynch is one of them.

3. Two other candidates, Mr. Christopher Voehl and Ms. Brianna Wu, unfortunately are not strong enough to beat Mr. Lynch.

Three short videos on the matter:

Why do I run?

How to solve the partisan gridlock?

The new political model

The longer version should begin in 2002, the year when I moved to Boston (who I was before one could find here:

As many immigrants who came from a country with an authoritarian regime, I became a registered Republican, to support the cause of the individual freedom. I was not active, I didn’t even vote for several years, just paid dues. The hell broke in 2008 – my first Presidential elections. I started getting emails and letters which could be written by only a crazy person. They were outrageously stupid. Or people who wrote those letters thought that all other people are stupid. So, I quit the Republican party, remained independent, but voted democratic. For eight more years that was my only political activity – voting.

People do no govern. People do not write bills, do not sign executive orders, etc. People elect officials who do that for them. Very often those elected officials are much less influenced by people than by social establishment – shadow figures who select their favored candidates and finance election cycles. But I was fine with that. I had a faith in American establishment to navigate the Country in the right direction.

That faith disappeared on November 8, 2016.

When Donald Trump announced his run, I was sure he would never win.

I started paying attention to the news when Trump knocked down one by one his Republican opponents. When Trump was nominated, I said to myself – that is NOT normal, we have to watch him very closely, he CAN win.

So, I started my political blog, tried to contact Clinton’s team with the warnings. But Clinton and her people were too full of themselves, and too arrogant to even allow a mere thought that Trump could win.

This is what happened.

First Clinton’s mafia pushed Joe Biden aside.

Then Clinton’s mafia cheated out Bernie Sanders.

Even then Clinton could still win, if she would not be so damn arrogant.

To every Democrat who hates Trump I say – you should thank the establishment of the Democratic party for his victory.

They all are complacent in giving us Trump.

That is why they all have to go.

Pelosi, Schumer, Lynch, and all who were pushing for Hillary, or who were silent on a side when that was happening, have compromised themselves, cannot be trusted, and must be replaced.

But since they will not go without a fight, they have to be forced out!

Some time ago I sent a note to Ms. Wu, and then to Mr. Voehl, offering them my help.

I thought, even if they were not independent, they may be independently thinking people.

But I was wrong.

They didn’t even have curiosity just to have a talk.

I am a teacher, and I know that people without curiosity do not grow.

People who have no curiosity, have no vision, and no imagination.

The economic, social and political problems which have to be solved are so far from ordinary, that traditional models and approaches will not do any good; but the new models and approaches do not exist yet – they have to be invented.

That’s requires imagination, and vision, and curiosity, and an open mind.

If you want something done right, do it yourself”

That is why I run.

My goals.

Forcing out Mr. Lynch from the House is only the first goal.

I hope that in 2018 independents or non-democrats and non-republicans of all sorts will run in all possible elections. Maybe my example may inspire some other independents to run (don’t overthink it – just run!).

Democrats and Republicans never took seriously any other existing political groups. This needs to change. They have to start feeling afraid of losing their political grip, and the only way to do that is – RUN!

Use your imagination, say, what will happen it five independents will be elected in the U.S. Senate?

They will take over the Senate (!) - simply because without their votes nothing will be able to pass (because neither major party will have a majority).

In 2018 independents need to run in every election.

The best-case scenario, enough of them will win and they will be able to control legislative bodies.

The worst-case scenario, Democrats and Republicans get scared and it will boost their internal transformation, and many active independents will find each other.

My platform.

First and foremost: the only people I will be answering to are the people from the District.

What will I do when I win?

I am a good math and physics teacher, which makes me a biological bullshit-meter and a bullshiter-catcher.

And what I see every day is a lot of bullshit coming out Washington.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped in public education through the Department of Education and the NSF, but ask teachers and parents, and they will tell you that nothing changes. Where did all those millions go? I will find it out.

Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other programs which provide a safety net for many people have to be saved. They may need to be reassessed and repaired, but they have to function.

One person – one vote. This rule has been broken and replaced by a new one “one dollar – one vote”. We have to reverse that.

Too much secrecy and shadow deals behind the closed door. Liars and crooks have to be exposed; no one should be making money of the elected office. Everyone needs to know who gets money from whom.

Decent life is the right! Everyone, no matter of his or her social roots or status has the right to live a decent life. The number one responsibility of the government is to make it happen.

Immigration reform has to give the path to citizenship to the most of the hardworking undocumented immigrants.

Border control may need some reinforcement, but there will be NO WALL.

Gun regulations have to be simple and strong: no one ever can buy any weapon without a background check and a permit. Self-defense and hunting weapons are limited by pistols and hunting rifles. No individual can own any type of assault weapon. The second amendment has to be followed literally – only officially organized militia can have anything stronger than required for individual self-defense or hunting.

And for the District, the #1 job on my list is fixing the roads. The condition of our roads is just shameful. It just cannot be tolerated anymore.

My principles


The most frustrating political issue of the last decade is the partisan gridlock in Washington.

Replacing old democrats with new democrats will not help to solve the gridlock. Even if democrats will pick up more seats and become the majority in Congress that will not solve the problem, it will simply bring politics back to the Obama era, but without Obama. To solve this problem, we have to start thinking outside of the traditional political venues.

We need people who are strong enough, smart enough, independent enough, to take a risk and run for the Congress outside of any political affiliation, simply as caring American citizens.

Stop looking for bi-partisan solutions - they don't exist!

Start looking for non-partisan solutions which will work all Americans!

It is so obvious that the Congress needs new “blood”. But must it be democratic “blood”? Not at all!

My principles are simple: be honest, be tough, be smart, be active, hold a punch and fight back.

The fact that from a janitor who did not speak any English I grew up to the university physics lecturer and the author of many publications proves that I do have those qualities.

So, if you would prefer to have a Representative who is smart, honest, and active you should support me.

I you would like to help – please call me 781-660-3350

or email to

(AABS means “Americans Against BS!”), however, please be sharp, brief, specific.

My CROWDPAC link; You could use it if you would like to provide any financial support to my run.

If am a very open and straightforward person.

Every thought I find useful for my future actions I publish online.

My political strategy is available at (many posts on the matter).

My Facebook link.

My Tweeter.

And one last thing – for more than a year I have been writing on my blog that independents and all non-democrats and non-republicans need to run in all possible elections. After all I said, not running would be just hypocritical. I do what I say.

Thank you

Dr. Valentin Voroshilov